One of the most troublesome parts of dealing with databases is that of static data. How do we store it? How do we move it between environments? GenerateSeedDataScripts is our answer to this problem.

You simply point it at a server and database, select the tables you wish to include, and it will generate simple scripts that use the MERGE transact SQL command to ensure that all your data is transferred safely to other installations of your database.

Transfer Data Between Systems Easily
GenerateSeedDataScript generates scripts that can used to transfer data between environments, even if they are running different versions of SQL.
Source Control Your Data
Static data is a huge part of database driven applications. Now you can create files and store your seed data in source control, just like your code.

GenerateSeedDataScript is currently in beta testing. If you’d like to learn more, sign up for our mailing list, where we periodically give folks a chance to get into our beta program.

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