As an overall gig, few have more room for creative expression than that of software development. Every problem can be solved in a dizzying variety of ways; some good, some not so good, but all valid.

As professionals, it’s our job to experiment with different techniques and approaches, until we find that magical place where everything just works. It’s tough and demanding work, but when you get it right, it’s a rush unlike any other.

But there’s also another side to the job. Even with all the innovation and creative potential, there’s still a great deal of routine, downright monotonous work to be done. Here’s just a few examples from our experience:

  • Creating simple data entry forms.
  • Writing stored procedures to select, update, create, and delete data (we still believe that’s generally the best approach, even for those of us who love our ORMs).
  • Creating audit code to track changes to data across many different tables in relational databases.

The list could stretch on. These aren’t going away, and they’re absolutely essential to getting software out the door. But they’re also boring and potentially a huge drain on productivity.

Here’s the thing: if we’re actually doing these things manually, to quote a favorite series of videos on foodwe’re doing it all wrong.

What is it we do for a living again? Oh yes, we program machines to do other people’s work, so they don’t have to do it any more. We find things that can be automated, because they are often based on simple, repeatable logic. Why pay a human to tally up some numbers and compare them when a machine can do it faster, cheaper, and more accurately?

We agree, right? Good, so here’s the next question: why are we wasting our time doing work a machine could do for you? Why aren’t we applying the same principles to our own work as we do to that of others?

Here’s another way to think about it. How much of our daily work is routine, rule based, and driven by readily available data? If the answer is anything but “none”, we’re still doing it wrong.

Developers seem to have a blind spot when it comes to using our greatest asset (our programming ability) to help ourselves. We’re great at finding ways to make other’s work more efficient, but clueless about doing the same thing in our own service.

This gap is why we started Do It Simply Software. As professionals ourselves, we’re ruthless when it comes to spending time on mundane work. We’ve built tools that make our lives easier, while allowing our productivity to increase at the same time. We believe that the best developers are lazy; not in the pejorative sense, but in that they want to do the least work possible.

We believe in simple, elegant software that is robust, easy to use, and above all else, useful. We shun fancy graphics and pretty interfaces in favor of automation and efficiency. We believe that every second saved not doing grunt work is one more second that can be used in our true calling: crafting great software.

We’re here to help you do the same.