If you like working on the command line (and what proper geek doesn’t?), you will love XCD. It makes navigating between directories completely painless.

2016-05-01 14_49_19-Administrator_ Windows PowerShell

XCD scans your drives and keeps track of all the folder structures, then lets you easily move between them without typing in long directory paths. All you do is give it a name (or partial name) to look for, and it will give you a list of matching directories. Select which one you want, and XCD will navigate you there.

Usage Driven

XCD learns the more you use it, so when you search for a directory it shows you the ones you go to more frequently first.

2016-05-01 14_52_02-Administrator_ Windows PowerShell
Easy Returns

XCD uses the built in DOS pushd command, so returning to the directory you were in previously is a simple as typing in popd.

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Want to learn more?

Here’s the best part: XCD is free! All you need to do is enter your e-mail address below and you will receive a download link.

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